A derogitory term for the GAA organisation in Ireland. Used for slagging culchies.
Gaah is for boggers!
by Kevin Irving April 26, 2006
Top Definition
An exclamation of surprise, alarm, or anger.
"Do you remember that one scene in 'The Sixth Sense?' Gaah--It was scary!"
by Aquila April 03, 2003
1. An expression of anger
2. A release of ones emotions in a single word
GAAH! I think my head is gonna explode!
by DrHorrible123 June 02, 2010
a phrase used by young folk who are too lazy to say god.
GAAH! why'd joo have to get up in my grill lyke that yo!
by mfin November 05, 2007
Expression of frustration or any other feeling that you have where there are no words to describe it; it can be good and bad,but more so bad.
What you did is so horrible, I'm like gaah about you right now.
by Breeeeeeeeeeee! March 29, 2011
The cantonese pronounciation of a chinese character that represents family.
"Di Gaah! Yet Chi Joe"
by Gaah July 07, 2006
A word, which can be scream out!
by DavidDvd753 April 12, 2015
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