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Short for
Girl with glasses are hotter than girls without glasses because I want to skeet on their Prada frames.
Duuuuuuuuuude GWG on the left with her twin sister!
by lil_j0hn February 21, 2007
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Game Winning Goal. The goal that provides the winning margin in e.g. a soccer match.
In a 4-2 win for the home team, the home team's third goal was the game winning goal or GWG.
by Norbiz May 22, 2011
1. Short for glaucous-winged gull. Used by zoology or avian enthusiasts. Also known as "palindrome on wings" or "palindrome bird."

2. Game Winning Goal (in hockey)

3. Group Within the Group
Birder: Oh look! It's a GWG! And I say that because I'm too lazy to spell/say the full name!

Sports Fan: Did you see that GWG? It broke the tie!
Buddy: No! Who won?
by BlueSeagull March 12, 2009
Used in online RPGs where characters communicate with words bubbles that disappear after a short time. GWG stands for 'go when gone', which means an activity should take place after that particular word bubble disappears (usually used in RPG duels).
Player 1 :Duel?
Player 2 : ok, gwg
by JimE Ray January 25, 2005
"Girl Water Girl": Created in response to the intricate way one would show how "lol" is pronounced to resemble french words. Girl Water Girl = Elle Eaux Elle = LOL
Joe: like men.

Bob: No your mom likes men GWG


Tom: Hey the example above doesn't make sense

by DjBlack and Bigg June 27, 2005
stands for "Girl With Goals"; a female who is determined to achieve her goals and to get things done
Wow. She has done and is doing so much. She works very hard. She's definitely a GWG.
by applefrostingcake January 11, 2011
Stands for 'giggling with glee'
Used in chat rooms, similar to lol
person A: *tells joke*
person B: gwg! your so funny!!
by Kapu37 November 02, 2006

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