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2 definitions by BlueSeagull

Similar to the word palindrome, though usually refering to a person.

A name spelled the same way backwards and forwards. Pimmips tend to be the most awesome people you ever meet.

May or may not be spelled with two m's.
Bob: Hi! My name's Bob.
Friend: No way! You're a pimmip?
Bob: Yeah! Jealous?
Friend: ... yeah...

Bob, Mom, Dad, Hannah, Anna, Adda, Elle, Otto
by BlueSeagull March 11, 2009
13 2
1. Short for glaucous-winged gull. Used by zoology or avian enthusiasts. Also known as "palindrome on wings" or "palindrome bird."

2. Game Winning Goal (in hockey)

3. Group Within the Group
Birder: Oh look! It's a GWG! And I say that because I'm too lazy to spell/say the full name!

Sports Fan: Did you see that GWG? It broke the tie!
Buddy: No! Who won?
by BlueSeagull March 12, 2009
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