Rubber Band
dude that guy hair is really trashy he better gwar that!
by Raymond Johnson May 19, 2005
a living legend who has the unfortunity duty of carrying a carrot on top of his head
stuart marshall
by stuart marshall February 06, 2004

There is no accounting for taste...but oddly enough most of their fans are rednecks.

When informed that their band sucks, fans will say: "Oh yeah! See them live then tell me that!"


Well...i like to watch porn but i'm not gonna go buy a soundtrack and advertise my favorite pornstar on my shirts
Person 1: I went to a show with my girlfriend. Some local band
Person 2: How were they?
Person 1: GWAR!
Person 2: Oh noes!
by Fredriechs August 20, 2005
a shitty immature(see song poopie britches) gimmick band from outer space
me: wtf is this shit!?!?
gwar loser: Its gwar!!! durdadurdeedur!!!
by wtf do you care March 25, 2006
1. a gay retard
2. some dumbass kid
3. same as sayin fag but it means stupid too
billy:damn sharayah is such a gwar
tom:i know i hate that biotch
by IAN April 16, 2004

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