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1 definition by eric789

Someone who will do everything to avoid being mainstream.
Usually a person who listens to awful music, in the hope the artist(s) will never become popular and therefore will never become mainstream, wears no designer clothing so to be different to peers, goes to midnight gatherings because they do not have anything to do in the mornings as going to work is beneath them or college doesn't start until 11, have a tattoo in Arabic because they went to the UAE for one week on their gap year and have established a spiritual connection with the country, hates their parents because they work in the city for 'the man', wear snapback or beanie hats and have piercings to show there individualism and finally male hipsters grow neatly trimmed facial hair to so they have an artistic nature.
Hipster 1: Hey, Julian have you heard this new band, there have a really abhorrent vibe aimed towards life, but they particularly hate materialism, politics and religion.

Hipster 2: Yes Laurence, I already have there first album on vinyl and I went to there there first live gig. You know? Before they were cool!

Hipster 1: Oh yeah totally. Are we still going to that midnight fixie bike convention at that abandoned warehouse tonight?
by eric789 June 18, 2012
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