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7 definitions by Billiam

affectionate term for a girlfriend, attractive female or concubine.
Yo shorty, it's your birthday
by Billiam July 02, 2003
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Can be used as any word in any language ever. Can be a Noun, Adjective, Verb, Preposition, Prepositional Phrase and any other function. Can also have over 100 prefixes and suffixes. Basically the Ultimate word that has been brought into creation by IRP through missunderstanding of the phrase "douche bag" by a person who shall remain nameless. Doodamag was orginally made to insult this person.
Ricky is a Doodamag
by Billiam September 01, 2004
6 1
Expression often used in response to a ridiculous or improbable statement.
"I'm going to get laid tonight."
by Billiam February 13, 2005
5 4
Cheese that has been in ones pants too long.
I have to go to the bath room and whipe off some cheezenizzle.
by Billiam September 26, 2003
1 2
Meaning something is "whack"
"Dana, my test scores are janked up."
by Billiam October 19, 2004
33 37
Attractive or superlative of girl.
I know you want it, gurl.
by Billiam July 02, 2003
14 27
name that a fat shiece of pit damed nane calls his britlle lother who has a kool citty named oreo!yay
are u stephen king, no im dree
by billiam July 15, 2004
1 23