The offense known as gmailing under the influence.
When I woke up this morning, there was an angry response in my inbox from my ex. I sent him a misspelled email when i was blackout- don't know how I made it past those math problems. I totally GUI'ed.

emailer: I misdf youuu soooooo muuuu7u777uuuuchy!! comevis8t meEEE! yourluv, vrovy
emailee: Someone give that bitch a GUI.
by thereceiver February 25, 2009
gui in "Sindhi language" refers to a human being beings bottom.

synonyms in english bum,butt,ass
Hull cha ta gui thas!

That woman has a hell of a gui!
by sindhimanhroo June 08, 2009
A person that is addicted to anything it touches.
He touched a halo 3 game now hes gui.
by gui14235678978678 December 24, 2008
GUIs (Graphical User Interface) were created as an effort to make computers appealing to non-computer-savy, or "ignorant" masses.

Windows users are inherently GUI users. This of course also implies that they do not know ASM or unix, or they would use something else.

Knowing better, computer-savy people only use text terminals, which they often call consoles. This implies that they use telnet to browse HTTP web sites as opposed to a GUI-cripled browser. When they need to look at pictures of their significant other, they do so using the aalib library to view them as ASCII-art.
Accessing your favorite dictionary the real man's way:

% telnet 80
GET / HTTP/1.1\r\n

Turning into a helpless zombie like the majority of clueless computer users submitting to GUI e-slavery:

C:> win.exe
<wait for the BSOD>
by Ananda Panderoza December 07, 2007
Slang term used for anything to do with semen in the realm of computer users. The term is generally pronounced "gooey"
Teacher: "Ok, so I'm teach you guys how to make a GUI screen."

Student: "Oh I make gooey screens all the time."

Teacher: "Oh great, then you can show the class how to- aaawwwww. We don't need to hear that..."
by Jimmi May 31, 2005
another word for guy or dude.
Hey gui whats up?

Gui, you cant be serious.
by guiii August 17, 2006
Graphical User Interface!
True Story!

Burt: "Whats a GUI?"
James: LMFAO!
Burt: "Tell me i need to know!"
James: LMFAO!
James: its a Graphical User Interface
Burt: whats that?

The name has been changed so Kurt shit i ment Burt is not mocked!
LMFAO! Stephen is a Fuckass!!!
by James "Mr X" Smith January 17, 2004
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