A Graphical User Interface. The addition of GUI's to most modern operating systems has revolutionised the populous' ability access pornographic material, and contributed greatly to the happiness of the single geek/male population.
Oh dude, this pussy looks so hot in HD, thanks to my GUI!
by Axman6 January 25, 2008
Generosity Under the Influence

When one gives away more than they usually would because of excessive drinking or the like
"My wife gave me a G.U.I. after I donated WAY too much money at that charity dinner last night. I don't even remember being there."
by DarvidBerring December 02, 2009
Stands for "Genius Under the Influence". It is a term used for individuals who come up with fantastic ideas when abusing some kind of substance, or for those students who actually do quality schoolwork while completely fucked up.
Student # 1: "I can't believe I got an 'A' on that paper. I was so high when I did it I couldn't even remember what I wrote about."

Student # 2: "WTF. You should totally be charged with a GUI."
by GreenParrot713 October 26, 2009
lingo coming from milltown,nj. how to say "guy" the proper way. (gu-i)
hey thats the gui that was tlking to that gui with that gui over there by that gui
by xxalaska101xx January 25, 2011
A way for total n00bs to use a computer.
Jim: The Mac OS X gui is cool!!!!

Tim: You're a n00b!
by The Keasbey Knight April 19, 2008
The offense known as gmailing under the influence.
When I woke up this morning, there was an angry response in my inbox from my ex. I sent him a misspelled email when i was blackout- don't know how I made it past those math problems. I totally GUI'ed.

emailer: I misdf youuu soooooo muuuu7u777uuuuchy!! comevis8t meEEE! yourluv, vrovy
emailee: Someone give that bitch a GUI.
by thereceiver February 25, 2009
gui in "Sindhi language" refers to a human being beings bottom.

synonyms in english bum,butt,ass
Hull cha ta gui thas!

That woman has a hell of a gui!
by sindhimanhroo June 08, 2009

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