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Giggle To Myself - Because sometimes LOL is just too much
Dude 1: You'r as useless as tits on a nun.
Dude 2: Gtm yeah thanks.
by Mastaosp02 March 06, 2008
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Chatspeak term: Giggle To Myself. Used in place of LOL, which doesn't always fit: think about it, did you actually "Laugh Out Loud"?
YouTube user: "Ur videos make me gtm. XD"
by Savana September 10, 2007
Giggle to myself. The new and improved LOL.

other forms incluce MGTM (major giggle to myself)

and GTMR (giggle to myself repeatedly) or a combination of both
Daa'wayne, lol is so yesterday.
by azzsell July 19, 2010
Get That Money
used in groups or gangs-GTM
by swaggstar March 11, 2011
good times
"gtms last night with the besties"
by 8yyjhyy May 22, 2010
Going To Masturbate. When you get the urge to splurge and you are on a computer while chatting with friends, just type this and your friends will understand your situation and will keep up with their activities or what they are doing and won't mind your absence for 5 to 10 minutes and up to 15 if you're a monster. This will help you even in social events but in this case you just yell GTM and run for your life hoping to find a free stall or a free bathroom (nobody wants to implode).
Dude #1: Hey man I am GTM.
Dude #2: Alright take your time man, but don't leave me hanging.
Dude #3: Where did he go?
Dude #2: He is GTM
Dude #3: Ohh I see, do you have any hobbies or something?
Dude #1: Wow that was nice!!
Dude #3: Well that was fast!
Dude #2: As a wise man once said. "It's not about the horniness, it's about the loneliness".'
Dude #1: Yeah it's true but the only thing is I have to much freetime in my hands (no pun intended).
by Dj Salinger May 25, 2014
Short hand for "giggling to myself"

Use when you haven't actually LOL'd
sexyman120: Babe you know you're my cupcake snookums right?
cutegirl79: gtm...oh you...
by carrotchick April 29, 2012

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