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Used when adults are acting like kids
An adult is crying about somthing dumb in a forum or acting childish. Use GTFU
by Newmie August 03, 2004
GTFU- Grow The Fuck Up.

An acronym used often by RA's, Power-nerds and other precocious minorities to express their disapproval of the many vapid, immature people one comes across.

'A' makes a ridiculous penis joke. 'B' says, "GTFU" in response, leaving 'A' in a daze...
#opinion #nerd #immature #guys #maturity
by boyinterrupted April 07, 2009
Acronym for "Get the fuck up".
"Dude, it's 9:45 and you're still sleeping, you need to GTFU and go to class!"
#wake up #gtfu #get #the #fuck #up
by CFMV December 03, 2007
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