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GTFU- Grow The Fuck Up.

An acronym used often by RA's, Power-nerds and other precocious minorities to express their disapproval of the many vapid, immature people one comes across.

'A' makes a ridiculous penis joke. 'B' says, "GTFU" in response, leaving 'A' in a daze...
by boyinterrupted April 07, 2009
A lust-bunny or lustbunny is a term used to define someone you lust after. You may or may not know this person but they do visit you in vivid sexual fantasies and/or erotic dreams. One can have as many lust-bunnies as one wants!
I am only friendly with Josh since his girl-friend is my lustbunny.
by boyinterrupted April 07, 2009
A term similar to 'whitetrash', except, of course, that it applies to people from the Indian Sub-continent (Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and Sri Lankans). While not necessarily hick-ish in the NASCAR watching way, Browntrash are known for their book-smarts, lack of social skills and a tendency to travel in packs and stare compulsively at everyone else. They also gossip incessantly and seem to derive sustenance from rumour-mongering. While they might appear to be hostile, they're actually quite simple-minded.
A="There shall be hell to pay if the Browntrash see me with my girl-friend!"

B= "Yeah, your mother in New Delhi will probably find out all about your 'debauchery' within the hour!
by boyinterrupted April 07, 2009

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