An acronym of "Get The F--- Out", said to every newbie, retard and other annoying people when a person can't take it anymore.

Also, a procedure based on the acronym to avoid any arguments or problems for the victim's sake:

Go to the nearest door
*Tell them an excuse (a good one)
*Forget whatever just happened
Out running like a mofo!

*optional, most of the time people just
go from G to O in a second
Stuart: When the whale of my girlfriend came out of the closet and showed her fishnet stockings with the cottage cheese of her leg sticking out, and told me "What do you think?", I gtfo.

Jack: What did you do after that?

Stuart: Went to a doctor and asked a referral for two cheese doodles and Sprite per day.
by Jose Gomez September 08, 2006
Mostly used as GetTheFuckOut but is sometimes used like GetTheFuckOff, another version is gtfa which is GetThe FuckAway, or GoTheFuckAway
0MfG!!1! GTFO MY C4N0n j0o N0oBlet!
OMFG!!!! GTFO my Cannon you nooblet!
by Peter Piper Pan July 24, 2006
(G)et (T)he (F)-word (O)ut.
Dude, GTFO, you're not funny, and you think just because I jack off means I have no life.
by dj_gs68 November 02, 2003
Great Fun and Tittilating on Occasion.
Well i had a GTFO yesterday and Im beat.
by lolfudge August 25, 2006
to be used in a sentence:
(g)et (t)he (f)uck (o)uta
lets gtfo here!
joel is wrong, lets gtfo here!
by pibby March 20, 2006
A term used in Digital Paintball to say "Get the fuck out" Which is pointless because there is no way you can wipe a hit in a computer simulated paintball game.
1337#1: GTFO Newb!
Newb: There's no way you can wipe fucking dumbass.
by Ben September 18, 2004
Channel where the elite hangout
Hey pal meet me in #gtfo
by Cero January 28, 2003
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