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Grunts To Climax - used to illustrate pleasure during text conversations. Particularly useful in sexting.
Chimp: I had to catch the bus home in the rain. I ended up all damp.
Pud: GTC
by San Jefe August 11, 2011
Got to call, used in online poker chatrooms
In Texas Hold Em, when for example you have, on the turn, triple aces, but there is a flush draw and the other guy goes all in. You just got to call, even though you know you're probably gonna lose:

PokerChamp1337: omg gtc

PokerChamp1337 shows triple aces
Pocketn00bs shows flush to the ace, wins 13333337 chips
by bakoy December 11, 2007
Abbreviated good time crew; the people you're closest to; reference to the group of people you're most happy associated with or seeing to have fun.
Q: ayye man whatchu doin tonight?

A: ahh, just rollin with the GTC
by Ay Papi December 21, 2013
Abbreviated form of "Given the chance." The term GTC is most likely used on blogs, journals, and instant messengers.
People can be back stabbers gtc.

I was never really gtc to apologize to you.

Gtc, I'd do it all over again!
by XxxIxxxWish December 30, 2006
the instant messaging term meaning "got to crap"

xoxoroxon: so do u no the hw?
heart123: brb gtc

by soblterms April 07, 2009
gay techno club; something made up at 2-A-Days when JV players get bored...
Hey Martino you going with Connie K and Roberto to gtc tonight. I heard Dj McGay was raving. Austino and Mojito are getting the E.
by Connie K August 17, 2008
A rising new force that has unknown origins. No one truly knows what GTC means, they only know that it is an elite class unlike any other.
Guy #1: Bro, what does GTC mean?

Guy #2: I don't know, bro. Ask those dudes over there Soopergoofin'.
by Zeus_G April 11, 2011