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Toyota's greatest achivement.
After the FIA decided motorsport wasn't allowed to be fun or involve large plumes of firey burninating fire Toyota Team Europe decided, for the sake of the fans and the ladies, to cheat.
The GT4 was the result and kicked everyones arse with speed & awesomeness, until their illegal turbo restrictor was tragically discovered late in 1995.
The GT4 was humanities last stand against safety and sensibility, back when engineers were men.
by fakingnovember April 02, 2006
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Gran Turismo 4; Realistic racing simulation with many cars and customizations.
Bob is pissed off that Gran Turismo had no online play
by Ankoku March 28, 2005
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A racing "game" that mainstream gamers love claim it's the most realistic thing ever because their only reference frame comes from driving their rice burner civics and and playing need for speed.
It's a fun game for mainstream gamers, but it should not be confused as a realistic simulator, despite what sony claims.
Real racing fans play real simulators such as GTR, LFS, rFactor, Richard Burns Rally, GPL.
Delusional GT4 Fanboy: I can take on Michael Schumacher now that I have uber lap times on GT4!
by hunglikehuang October 19, 2006
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is an awesome guy and never fails to make me laugh with some of the randomness he comes out with. keep smiling babes
by Lottie March 19, 2004
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