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Acronym for Fuck It All
Dude, FIA. Just FIA.
by Squirrelbob October 01, 2004
90 35
n. the condition or fact of not achieving the desired end or ends; a fail
You suck; you're such a fias.
Wow, what a fias!
by reesedog December 01, 2013
6 -1
FEAR the mighty FIA. aaahhh no jokes, i just wet myself! or was it something else because she is SO stunning! a bit of a nutter though but can litterally make any situation a good one. Its never dull when she's around and evrybody wants to be her friend. She never gets embarrassed and she has green teeth. maybe. I love her and she has the special vibe that affects everyone around her and puts them in a good mood <3
Stranger: I feel so grumpy (fia walks past) I feel AMAZING
by gavvy February 10, 2012
18 14
Foot In Ass
Man I swear if i ever have to lie to the cops like that for you again I'm gonna give you an FIA.
by Angeliqua Momoswamtan January 12, 2011
15 14
Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile - International Automobile Federation

Umbrella organisation of the worldwide motorsport activities (except NASCAR). Most popular racing series are the FIA Formula 1 and the FIA WRC.
"Dude have you heard about the new F1 regulations?" "Yeah, the FIA fucked it up again."
by Luckyleprechaun March 07, 2014
0 0
Fuck it all!
speaks for its self really. That's it! I give up--F.I.A.!
by university dweller1 May 01, 2011
3 5
Fellatio Induced Apology
"Bitch dropped the ball on that one"
"FIA, man, FIA"
by Joel September 07, 2003
3 7