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Toyota's greatest achivement.
After the FIA decided motorsport wasn't allowed to be fun or involve large plumes of firey burninating fire Toyota Team Europe decided, for the sake of the fans and the ladies, to cheat.
The GT4 was the result and kicked everyones arse with speed & awesomeness, until their illegal turbo restrictor was tragically discovered late in 1995.
The GT4 was humanities last stand against safety and sensibility, back when engineers were men.
by fakingnovember April 02, 2006
Education was cited as one of the leading causes of civil unrest during the 1970's, being unable to ban such practices due to human rights the New Zealand Government cut much of it's funding to reputable universities, leaving those without rich parents to study typing at Te Wananga o Aotearoa.
The Auckland University Students Association however, had other ideas. Rather than leaving university to shear sheep or pretend they were black they recieved grants to create building materials, toilet paper, firewood, cheap clothing and occasionally food by cleverly disguising these resources as a low budget student magazine with zero percent intellectual content, thus being able to spend their own money on ridiculous tuition fees.
A grand success the "magazine" may now be picked up weekly around Auckland University, however recent editions have been laminated making them less suitable for use as toilet paper.
First Year - "I love reading Craccum, it's sooo funny"

University Student - "The lamination makes my ceiling waterproof"
by fakingnovember April 02, 2006
Pepsi, Vodafone, McDonalds and whatever other soulless non-entity's cock you sucked this morning for the privilage of being wrapped in their corporate logo.
"My aim is to score goals and win the fans over."
by fakingnovember April 02, 2006

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