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the man whose daughter kicked kerpals dog
hello, is abtar there?... this is kerpal... KERPAL!
by lottie February 25, 2004
The definition of G-d is 'God'. Jewish people refer to God in text as 'G-d'. Same person different vibe.
G-d loves you!!!
by lottie May 26, 2004
another absolute star and never fails to make me laugh and smile, he has a heart of gold and never fails to make to make everyone smile, one of the best mates anyone could have. we all love ya babes.
his farts stink like fcuk too :p
by Lottie March 18, 2004
One of Kerpals biggest fans. Best friends include a future rockstar and an onion
Zobia kicked my dog! You know damn right!
by Lottie March 05, 2004
Miss O'Muff is the biggest bellend of biology teachers and gets stressed to easily. Lottie and amiee and kirsty love to terrorize her in science and make songs about her muff coz she wears massive bead necklaces and says that a shrew has a bigger surface area than an elephant. Wot a dick
"QUAIT a minute aimeeeeeeee and kirsteeeeeeee and lottieeeeeeee"
by Lottie February 03, 2005
Moderately Forte- used in musical terms
Me- dude this is whack, what does moderately forte
Dude- babe it's all fly, it just means moderately forte
Me- Chillax....
by Lottie March 22, 2004
an complete star, comes up with completely random things and always makes me laugh no matter what, he is always happy and always smiling and laughing. keep smiling babe xxxxx
hope you still smiling :p
by Lottie March 18, 2004
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