-(unisex) Get some play
-(male) Get some pussy
-(female) Get some penis
Yo, bro, that's one sexy chick. Gsp.
by RedMan25 March 07, 2010
Garden State Parkway

it runs the length of new jersey, exits numbers go by mile (higher numbers in the north), and gives most jersey kids their only sense of geography.
hence the joke (which isn't used as a joke here in jersey, its asked in all seriousness) what exit are you?
nobody really calls it the GSP. that confuses people. its just, the parkway.
by ndawg July 29, 2004
Game Server Provider
gsp game server provider
by Gsprating May 22, 2011
An acronym for "Gym, Sleep, Pussy" (or Party, for PG purposes). Similar to the "Jersey Shore" acronym, "Gym, Tan, Laundry", (apparently) created for Guido's.
"Ay son, you need to get on that GSP, real quick. If you want the ultimate prize, then you need to get motivated with that."
by the situation (bay edition) February 02, 2010
Great Solar Pussy

a pussy who's temperature is above that of a normal pussy, and/ or normal body temperature, thus creating an environment that makes it almost impossible to become pregnant, and creates an sexual experience more enjoyable than those with women who don't have GSP's

Geof: "So hows the new pussy?"
Steve: "She's great, amazing in fact."
Geof: "GSP great?"
Steve: "hell yea GSp great"
Geof: "what about the ex?'
Steve: 'fuck that, one you go GSP, you never go back"
by samson1457 February 22, 2009
The abbreviation for German Shorthaired Pointer. A GSP is a dogused for huntingspecifically 'pointing'(Seeing, then notifying the shooter with a lifting of any one paw) and retrieving small game.
A: Why is that dog's paw raised and bent?
B: He has probably seen a bird or some shit.

A: What breed of dog is that
B: It's a GSP, if you don't know what that stands for look it up on urban dictionary motherfucker.
by Your name is already being u January 17, 2009
Short for garden state plaza
Where most scene kids of north jersey hang out because there is no where else to go.
Look for these marvelous sceneters in the food court or outside of exit 15 smoking
Scenester 1 : OMG! are you going to gsp tonight?
Scenester 2 : no, im going to the BMTH show.
by blahdiblah August 22, 2007

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