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The abbreviation for German Shorthaired Pointer. A GSP is a dogused for huntingspecifically 'pointing'(Seeing, then notifying the shooter with a lifting of any one paw) and retrieving small game.
A: Why is that dog's paw raised and bent?
B: He has probably seen a bird or some shit.

A: What breed of dog is that
B: It's a GSP, if you don't know what that stands for look it up on urban dictionary motherfucker.
by Your name is already being u January 17, 2009
4 16
im going GSP later bro, you coming?" "defo bro
by GSP-BRO June 27, 2011
2 15
FAA abbreviation for :
Greenville Spartanburg International Airport

Also known as the cesspool of the upstate SC area...
Welcome to GSP- home of BMW, Michelin North America, GE, and most infamous of all- Bob Jones University- home of the refined racist backward pigs
by Darlin' Nikki October 14, 2007
4 17
Most commonly known as Garden State Plaza.

Home to most of the 973/201 scene/guido kids of North Jersey.

If you go to exit '15' you will most likely find most of these scenesters/guidos smoking a cigarette, or talking about how they don't want to be there; when they all know they do, since they come back every-week.

If the scenesters/guidos are not at exit '15' you will most likely find them in most of the following places; because they probably got kicked out by one of the asshole security guards:
- 'The stairs'.
- Exit '14'.
- Wendy's.
- The family bathroom.
- Sarku Japan.
- Taco Bell.
- The food court.
- Hot topic.

GSP is notorious for fights that will never really happen & walking in on someone having sex in the family bathroom.

Let's not forget, you can always roll face, or smoke a blunt.

or be cool and smoke hookah.
Kid 1: Are you going to GSP tonight?!
Kid 2: YEAH!!!!!!!! THERE'S SUPPOSED TO BE A FIGHT! and do yah wanna roll?!?!?
Kid 1: Sure man, can i get a boge?
by dasnfldjfjkdsafdfdfsdfsdafsdfd December 21, 2009
10 24
gay sex party
you don't want to go to the GSP or you will get ass raped by a midget named paco and be forced to join his club
by GSP Jake September 14, 2008
9 23
Gay Sensory Perception. The acute ability to sense homosexuality in others.
My GSP is telling me that that guy is gay.
by Anonymous December 06, 2002
14 28
Georgia State Prison
you don't want to go to the GSP or you will get ass raped by a midget named paco and be forced to join his club
by scott November 03, 2003
6 29