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Most commonly known as Garden State Plaza.

Home to most of the 973/201 scene/guido kids of North Jersey.

If you go to exit '15' you will most likely find most of these scenesters/guidos smoking a cigarette, or talking about how they don't want to be there; when they all know they do, since they come back every-week.

If the scenesters/guidos are not at exit '15' you will most likely find them in most of the following places; because they probably got kicked out by one of the asshole security guards:
- 'The stairs'.
- Exit '14'.
- Wendy's.
- The family bathroom.
- Sarku Japan.
- Taco Bell.
- The food court.
- Hot topic.

GSP is notorious for fights that will never really happen & walking in on someone having sex in the family bathroom.

Let's not forget, you can always roll face, or smoke a blunt.

or be cool and smoke hookah.
Kid 1: Are you going to GSP tonight?!
Kid 2: YEAH!!!!!!!! THERE'S SUPPOSED TO BE A FIGHT! and do yah wanna roll?!?!?
Kid 1: Sure man, can i get a boge?
by dasnfldjfjkdsafdfdfsdfsdafsdfd December 21, 2009
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