GSP is what New Jersey kids call the Garden State Plaza. To most, it is the best mall in America. Here, guidos, blacks, whites, and yellows all come together to enjoy shopping, eating, the theatre, and many other things. The GSP is so great, it even draws people like Draco Malfoy to pay a visit.
Did you find anything good at GSP today?" "Yeah! GSP is the bomb.
by asdfjkl;asd June 15, 2011
Top Definition
UFC Fighter Georges "Rush" St-Pierre
GSP beat Matt Hughes
by Plojo December 27, 2006
abbreviation for "get some pussy." Can also be used in question form.
Mike: Yeah i went to that party last night.
Ben: sweet, GSP?
Mike: No, turns out they dont even serve drinks at Bingo at the old Folks' Home...
by kimbo April 12, 2006
Gay Slumber Party- n. The act of getting together with a group of your closest male friends and spending the night together. Common activities include teabagging, pwnage, sleeping bag fights, and touching your energy sword.

Note: a 'gay slumber party' should not be confused with a 'gay sleepover party', the principal difference being the latter involves sleeping.
Brian: ughh! brazil's loss destroyed me as well. still recovering... yo guys. lets time our naperville window together. i need to get my gsp fix on!

Myles: gsp gsp gsp gsp gsp gsp gsp!!!!!
by GSP 4 LIFE July 15, 2010
Gay sensory perception a.k.a. gaydar. The ability of gay people to determine others' gayness without discussion or apparent evidence of it. G.S.P. often is set off by eye contact.
The new chick in the office totally set off my G.S.P. When we looked at each other her eyes were like, "Yes, I am."
by Capt. Jack Sparrow February 25, 2004
Gay Squirrel Porn

I think it's pretty self explanatory what that is..
"Are those squirrels wrestling?"

"No, looks more to me like some GSP"
by qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmoiy8 January 06, 2013
get shit popping
Girl: "Aye you going to party tonight?"
Guy: "Hell yeah! bout to gsp!"

Girl: "Hey lets hang out tonight"
Guy: "Nah, Ive got a midterm tomorrow. Bout to late night gsp"
by rosl October 18, 2012
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