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A non-resident hunter's art of killing North Dakota Game animals by shooting them before they are allowed to move from a relaxed position.
"He cheated and Groundpounded the Pheasant before it could fly!"
by GAME FAN ND November 14, 2011
Named after attack moves made by Mario and other Nintendo characters, it is the act of making love to your girlfriend so hard that the appartment room below you shakes.
My Land Lord yelled at me because our neighbor heard us Ground Pound...
by JoeBobNX March 22, 2011
to virouciously fuck on a concrete or wooden floor with no bias for the other persons safety. usually anally
Memme: are you Ground Pounding that dawg?
Tad: yea
by MastreM0O August 13, 2008
Hard anal sex.
Right up in there.
Her: hey whats up?
HIm: I'm gonna Ground pound your ass into the next demention.
by E brod January 30, 2007
A popular video game manuver, involving slamming one's ass into the floor. Also called the butt-bounce
With the thruster pack, Ratchet can do a ground pound.
by Blaster 2.5 April 30, 2006
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