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Acronym for Gay Related Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
I think Trevor has a bad case of the GRIBS
by Joey Kaplan May 18, 2006
A disease affecting teh Gay-Related.
PIB and Felix apparently both have the GRIBS. (Felix gave it to PIB).
by Riley_Martin May 25, 2006
Grib is another slang term for Marijuana.
Carl smoked like 18 grams of grib last night.
by Cojocar March 08, 2008
The word grib refers to a small area of fat just below the belly button. Its abbreviated from the honorary Dale Gribble's stomach pooch.
My my Reed, your grib is looking particularly big today.
by Cersin Shuw October 30, 2013
It sounds a little like all the following: grip, crib, rib, grub, grab, grit. It has a simultaneous hardness to the sound and a softness. It almost sounds like a little baby animal's cry for his mama. So 'losing your grib' conveys a poignancy, a tenderness that comes forth from the belly -- a kind of desperate emotional cry for help -- a strangled plea for mercy ... When a drunk falls down in the street, what would he say? 'Ach, I've lost me grib.' (Uh, that would be an Irish drunk.) So while the term carries a deep level of emotion, it can be used without a sense of self-pity -- it remains simple, blunt, unadorned. When an athlete strives to achieve perfection, but just barely falls short, what would the sports announcer say? 'Brian, I think her grib's just not up to the mark today.'
And then... somehow, I just lose my grib and it all goes spiraling out of control...

by Ada Byron & Thrasymachus August 26, 2008
An incriment of twelve years. Derived from the word Gribbin.
I remeber when I was just a grib, my father told me the facts of life
by Aaron L. Sked December 01, 2003
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