A person that is poor low class and is just one step above a hood. Known in the 50s-60s for greasy hair and dikis jean with converse has made them a fashion statement instead of a life style. Movies with greasers from the 60s are : "Cry baby" and "The Outsiders".
Ritchy person : Hey grease need a hair cut?
Ritchy: Too bad, Were gonna do you a favour and cut of all that long greasey hair
by Smexy pineapple August 13, 2009
A greaser is someone that is very annoying and lies about getting with chicks. And also is very greasy in the face.
Greaser: oi bro I got with these 2 chicks in Bali, one was English and the other was American I had my own appartment and all.

Person: NOOOOOO GREASER, NO you do didnt.
by 144magnoliascreet November 25, 2011
Hangs out at the Grease Pit across from the Asshole Art students. Originally this was an insult to the Art students who didn't really like to be in the plays or musicals.
"Ew. Greaser go back to the grease pit."

"Greasers are fucking awesome"
by GreaserGirl20 October 09, 2011
This is the shit one takes that leaves streaks of poo down the sides of the toilet after flushing - usually in a circular pattern.
Oh man, who took the greaser?! It looks like one of those paper plate spin paintings in the toilet!
by Ka'noa July 03, 2010
Flatulence resulting in an unintentional explosive discharge of clear "greasy" mucous
from the anus.
I tried to fart but ripped a greaser and had
to take off my underwear and wipe my ass.
by Bender B R February 11, 2009
A dirty, liquid based poo. Of which is excreted with relative ease and leaves a sweaty residue down the side of the basin.
''What the hells that in the toilet?''
''Sorry that was my greaser.''
by AshRidger April 18, 2009
Derogatory term for Hispanics or Italians (dependent on where you live).
by thatguy July 15, 2003
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