A tough young man, especially one from a white working-class background
It's hard to find a nice guy in New Jersey who's not a total greaser.
by Aitrop January 22, 2006
the 1950s-1970s bad boy,a teen that was the tough guy,wore leather,smoked,drank,had tatoos and lived the fast life see rocker or punk
1:That man is a greaser!
2:yep hes a bully
by ModRock123 April 19, 2006
derogatory term for a Mexican
by Paul Thundergod July 10, 2003
a wicked dump that streaks the toilet
Damn that fish is killing my stomach, I feel a greaser coming on.
by akirafire July 10, 2008
a man or woman with exceptionally greasy hair and or skin, be warned approaching a greaser may result in being flashed
'cor look at that greaser keep out of his way'
'hello little boy would you like to see some puppies'
'ahhh my eyes'
by gfjhb January 23, 2007
A man or woman who engages in, or enjoys mindless activities that require very little intellectual ability. That brings out the alpha or macho side of the human personality.
Such as watching pro wrestling, going to truck pulls, wearing bandanas or the wearing of any sleeveless shirt with a beer or animal on it professing your toughness.

Some refer to these people as red necks,and we do here as well. More often they are known as greasers.
by salvadordali August 25, 2006
the activity of defecation (from greasy grunt)
I gotta go take a greaser. Did you hear my greaser?
by gunt January 08, 2003

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