a person who dresses in rockabilly fashion and styles his hair in a pompdour or other tall retro hairstyle with a petrolium based pomade, such as seen in the movies: grease, the outsiders, westside story, rebel without cause, etc
1:the greaser went to the diner to cruise for some really keen chicks
by vincent vega May 07, 2003
Guys: someone who dresses in rockabilly/psychobilly clothes, always has a comb in their back pocket, styles their hair in a pompadour or slicked up and back, wears a little bit of tighter pants then anyone else, sometimes wears white or black wife beater, wears leather jackets or jean jackets, black converse, cigarette held behind ear, styles their hair in petroleum jelly or pomade.

Girls: Styles their hair in a pompadour sometimes which is let down or tied the rest back in a pony tail, sometimes short bangs that curl like sausages (haha), polka dots, high heels, tight pants, colourful fashion shirts, comb in back pocket or purse, cigarette behind ear, converse, styles their with pomade and hair spray, a lot of jewelry, red lipstick, etc.
The outsiders, Grease I, Grease II, Cry Baby...... (there are still some greasers around besides from the 1930-1960s. be a fucking greaser bitches)
by Nekro Jackie October 23, 2005
A greased up bacon-dick.
Harold: Hey Barbara, where did all that acne come from?
Barbara: My boyfriend slapped me in the face with his greaser.

Harold: Oh
by bobobuns May 19, 2010
White trash with long greasy hair
Soc: you know what a greaser is?..... white trash with long greasy hair

Ponyboy: (spit)
by Whoppingmelons December 19, 2014
A cool awsome guy that bald insecure idiots talk crap about behind their backs. Uses a light hair grease better known as pomade to slick the hair back and pomp it up. Girs always like these kind of guys becuase they have good looks.
Insecure blad guy's thoughts whenhe sees a cool good looking greaser guy,"man I wish I coud be like him."
by Janet 7 March 22, 2010
Someone who is greasy and or slips when walking because of their grease level. They don't have vains like a normal person they have oil pipes instead.
Tim: What are you doin?
Albert: Oh just slippin around you know?
Tim: No I'm not a greaser I wouldn't know!
by MillerSpeed October 06, 2010
A greaser is someone that is very annoying and lies about getting with chicks. And also is very greasy in the face.
Greaser: oi bro I got with these 2 chicks in Bali, one was English and the other was American I had my own appartment and all.

Person: NOOOOOO GREASER, NO you do didnt.
by 144magnoliascreet November 25, 2011

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