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A peice of crap car done up to look like a nice car
Usually a honda etc with a spoiler,graphics,rims,tailfins,tinted windows,a loud sound system and the works commonly rode in by guidos and wiggers
Greasers:look at that hoopty-wagon
Greaser2:Yeah,what a wigger
by ModRock123 April 19, 2006
A word created by suburban whites in the early 1990s as a joke.The creators were normal whites who decided to make up the word as a joke to see the local wiggersuse it

etymology:(home)boy+fly(meaning cool)
Definition literal-A cool friend
Wigger:Yo homefly sup boi
Wigger2:Jea boi you know im rockin it
by ModRock123 April 19, 2006
A person who listens to solely rock n roll
A enemey of a Mod or Alternitive person
rocker:Rap Sucks!!!Metalica forever!!
by ModRock123 April 19, 2006
Sland term invented by greasers in the Late 1960s/early 1970s to describe someone that is stupid. The word spawned from Lincoln high schools greaser crowd,directly from my father

Literal definiton:Crazy Retard
Peter:Look at the cretin over there
Willy:Yeah he's dumb alright
by ModRock123 April 19, 2006
the 1950s-1970s bad boy,a teen that was the tough guy,wore leather,smoked,drank,had tatoos and lived the fast life see rocker or punk
1:That man is a greaser!
2:yep hes a bully
by ModRock123 April 19, 2006

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