Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself __________
GPOYM - Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself Monday
GPOYT - Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself Tuesday
GPOYW - Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself Wednesday
GPOYTH - Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself Thursday
GPOYF - Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself Friday
GPOYS - Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself Saturday
GPOYSU - Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself Sunday
by veryanonymousdude June 28, 2009
Top Definition
Short for "Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself," usually accompanied picture of yourself, or something that you do. Most commonly used on tumblr both in the main post and as a tag.
Person posts a gif of someone dancing like an idiot, "GPOY"
Person posts a picture of themselves making an awful face, "GPOY"
by Skanktasia March 16, 2011
Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself, used a lot on tumblr; A picture of yourself, or something that you do like a gif of someone dancing like an idiot or a socially awkward penguin picture.
GPOY, too good to not post.
by HelenKeyes March 16, 2011
GPOY is an initialism that literally stands for, "Gracious, Picture Of Yourself."

It is most often used to describe gifs, web comics, or pictures that apply so directly to your life it seems as if someone took a picture of you and put it up on the internet.

It is the equlivlent of saying, "Holy crap, I do this all the time! It's like the took a picture of me!"
*While looking at a .gif on Tumblr showing a reaction to someone reading over your shoulder*
Person: Hahahah, this is so me!
Comment: Lol GPOY!
by Tumbledore64 June 10, 2011
Giant Penis Over Yonder. When you see a picture and it's just amazing or has a great big hunk of penis in it.
*a picture of spiderman with an erection*
by LardDude32 May 14, 2011
Good picture of yourself.
Commonly used on tumblr.
Gif of s person sitting in a chair in front of a computer as a clock starting at 12 counts twelve hours. T
by Samxi July 04, 2011
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