God Pees On You.

It's another way of saying "Bad luck man!" or "You got Owned!" or "PWNED"
basicly, God hates you.
Person 1:"Ah shit man. That flying unicorn just nicked my spare pare of undies!"

Person 2:"PAHAHAHA!!! GPOY."
by Mong_Face February 07, 2011
Go Pee On Yourself
Usually displayed as a caption to a funny or relatable image
(on Tumblr, mainly)
^^LOL this is so me. gpoy^^
by alex1inferno March 10, 2011
gayest picture of you/yourself

When you post a really unattractive picture of yourself but it's too funny to not post.
by I'mnotreallyinnocent January 20, 2011

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