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get pooped on
I just pwned your ass in Halo
You were just GPO-ed
by Dracomister7 January 13, 2010
Grey Goose, Patron, and orange juice mixed into one drink. Very tasty.
"Thug boss Slim Thug drinkin' GPO/Grey Goose, Patron, and orange juice, po' me some mo'" -Paul Wall, "I'm On Patron"
by Burmy December 18, 2009
The nickname used when your GPS (Global Positioning System) takes you to the wrong place.
"Ughh I'm going to be late for the interview b.c if this freakin GPOS
by StreetBikeTakeover July 26, 2010
general post office or guidance parol officer
you smelly G.P.O go back 2 ur G.p.o
by ady sammons December 11, 2007
Noun - 28-pack of beer.
Big party this friday night, I'm going to need a gpo.
by GPO April 15, 2006

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