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great minds think alike; when two or more people think of the same thing at the (approximately) same time
Mick: There's nothing on TV. What should we do?
Mick & Jane at the same time: Let's go to the pub.
by Tita October 26, 2005
Acronym, stands for: "Great Minds Think Alike".

Used to express to other individuals that you are thinking the same thing as they are.
Person A: "Let's go for a tal' tour."
Person B: "I was just thinking that!"
Person A: "GMTA."
by Hammond (but M'nd M'nd for short) October 14, 2004
Great minds think alike.
You and a friend both type the same thing to one another in an instant message. Your reply? GMTA
by RBme May 29, 2006
An abbreviation for "great minds think alike".
A> I think that guy isn't so clever.
B> So do I.
A> gmta!
by Paturata July 23, 2013
Great minds think alike. If you say something and another person says the were thinking the same thing, you say GMTA. Its kinda self explanatory.
Lucy: Lets go to the beach
Doris: I was just thiking that!
Lucy: GMTA
by Biancabiancabianca February 19, 2009
when 2 or more people say the same thing at the same time, causes elation and high fives.
curtis: i love taking the piss out of flo.
keiko: same.
curtis&keiko: shes such an easy target!
curtis&keiko: GMTA! :D
by cruntis September 27, 2011
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