gmta stands for Get my toast, Asshole.
so if your every making toast and are just to lazy to go get it. You now know what to say to someone
boy: what are you doing
girl: im working on something and im hungry
boy: i dont care
girl: gmta!
by dayummmkrissie July 27, 2010
Acronym for Give Mother The Ass.
Son: Mom, I am still a virgin. I need someone to teach me the ropes.
Mom: GMTA!
Son: Oh mom, you're the best!
by BLumbergCA January 24, 2009
Used for the selling of the drug meth.

Get the

or.. GMTA
Easily mistaken for "Great Minds think Alike", but what they are thinking about is DRUGS, specifically, METH.
by Tori Nance August 25, 2005
Usually a "code word" for meth and the use of the drug meth. Began as a signal to buy the drug, but later transformed into a common use for meth in general. (can also be used for use of cocaine in rare cases) Originated in highschool settings.

stands for: the
"Julio, can you G.M.T.A tonight?"
--"Yep, Pablo, We'll be doing drugs all night!"
by Brendan Greenburg August 25, 2005

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