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An acronym for Grandma I'd Like To Fuck, most common with necrophiliacs.
"Man, she's such a GMILF. Get the shovel"
by Anonymous August 21, 2003
A Grandmother I would like to Fuck.
In Metalocalypse, Skwisgaar tells an old lady that she is a GMILF.
by Nathan Explosion January 21, 2007
Grandmother I'd like to fuck and the daughter of GGMILF, the great grandmother I'd like to fuck.
My wife is a 57 year old GMILF and the grandmother of two but she looks 35 and gets hit on way too often. . .she's a dental hygienist!
by backstopbob May 15, 2006
an acroym for 'Grand Mother I'd Like to Fuck'

used superbly by skwisgaar skwigelf in
the first episode of metalocalypse.

stemming from the term MILF.
"guess what you are a G-MILF. that is a grand mother i would like to......"
-Skwisgaar Skwigelf
by Eszt0r_bot January 28, 2008
Grand Mother I'd Like To Fuck
(Guy 1) Man, that older lady is one hot GMILF!

(Guy 2) WTF?
by I like fried eggs January 22, 2009
Grand Ma I'd Like to Fuck.
A spin off word from the term MILF (Mom/Mother I'd Like to Fuck).

Although less common, a GMILF often is more exciting than a standard MILF.
Jenna and her mom are okay looking, but it's granny who's REALLY hot. She's such a GMILF.
by wpk914 February 14, 2010
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