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Grandmother I'd like to fuck and the daughter of GGMILF, the great grandmother I'd like to fuck.
My wife is a 57 year old GMILF and the grandmother of two but she looks 35 and gets hit on way too often. . .she's a dental hygienist!
by backstopbob May 15, 2006
Great grandmother I'd like to fuck.
GGMILF is a great grandmother who is as hot as her daughter and grand daughter. . .and likes it.
by backstopbob May 15, 2006
The best burrito in East L.A. Named after the Hollenbeck Division of the LAPD. Well known by all the doctors and nurses at LAC/USC Medical Center.
I couldn't eat Manuel's Special so I ordered the Hollenbeck burrito.
by backstopbob June 07, 2006
Registered Dental Hygienest who cleans your teeth at the dental office and is an oral expert.
Aunt Bezzie is an RDH and GMILF who does it orally.
by backstopbob June 09, 2006
The home of Manuel's Special Burrito and the Hollenbeck Burrito in East L.A.
Have dinner and watch a wedding while standing in line at el tepeyac in East L.A.
by backstopbob May 30, 2006
Any graduate of Lakewood High School in Lakewood, California.
Backstopbob was a Lakewood Lancer from 1962 to 1964.
by backstopbob May 18, 2006
Any ex pro athlete who hangs around the backstop at the local high school reliving his youth.
Backstopbob is so pathetic, he loves high school baseball!
by backstopbob June 13, 2006

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