A nickname applied to yourself suggesting your hung like a horse.
"Do you know why they call me GG?"
by Vorlon October 29, 2013
Short hand for "Gangster Gugel." Reserved for the most badass, outgoing, awesome, and of course Gangster German Girl in D-Town!
That girl Aru is one hott GG!
by Brutus_0027 April 21, 2013
Acronym for"Gangster Gugel"

Used to indicate the German Gangsters of Detroit.
I head she was one hot GG!
by brutus_0027 April 21, 2013
She is gg-ing. Meaning : She is giggling.
by OhMyGG October 29, 2011
Is declared when something is ultimately over and done with
Hey, we going the well now

<rope breaks>

observer: gg....
by ThirstyCow July 28, 2010
In the computer game, Diablo 2, gg refers to Godly Gear. Namely, rare items (or glitched/bugged items) that have desirable modifications on them. The specific combination of mods on them that are extremely rare to come by makes an item gg.
gg items 4 hrs (trading godly gear for high runes)

eth bugged armor (double defense bug) is a gg item.
by Michaelangel007 March 15, 2010
1. Good Game
2. Get Good

Both are often used in call of duty
1. gg, that was enjoyable

2. gg, stop complaining about things and just play the game
by Randomdog January 17, 2010

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