Good Girl
Hey your a GG
by jamesbond345 July 24, 2015
Good Game. Depending on context, it is either insulting or polite. If GG is uttered after you've been utterly crushed in a game, then it is purely condescending and insulting; otherwise, it should be considered a polite remark.
I can't believe you managed to break through all my tanks, GG!
by Anonymous January 18, 2003
An acronym that stands for "Gotta Go". Used as a popular substitute for G2G (Got to go) because it is easier to type, or some people are too lazy to type the "2". Its main use is in chat rooms or online games to alert others that you will be absent. Often used in conjunction with other terms such as BRB or AFK.
GG, BRB I'll be AFK
(Gotta go, be right back I'll be away from keyboard)
by Samuel Crushington, Ph.D. August 17, 2014
gg means "good game." Its often used at the end of rounds in games like Day of Defeat, Counter Strike, Empire Earth, and other multiplayer online games.

Even people from countries that dont speak english use gg at the end of games. For those of you guys who use it and dont speak english....

gg = "bien joue" (jouer?) en francais

gg = "Gut Spiel" (gutes?) ein Deutsch

gg = "juego bueno" en español

....and thats about all the other languages i know
*round ends, going to next map on CSS*
Person 1: gg
Person 2: gg
by Ben Kenobi the second June 27, 2006
1. A term used after the closure of a match/game.
2. Can and may be used to express: disappointment, excitement, astonishment, bad sportsmanship.
3. A term used by online gamers, usually CS players after getting killed in a round..
1. (Counter-Terrorists Win!)
CT krucial - gg
T crisis - gg

2a. (After one fails to find a 5v5 scrim on #findscrim)
clan members - "gg freakn noob."

2a2. (After noob CT strat caller says stack "B" on d2 during 1st round and T's rush long A)
CT's - "wow gg."

2b. (After a hot chick asks one to sleep with her)
boy - "GG! she just asked me to sleep with her!"

2c. (After getting randomly headshotted thru doors in dust2)
*CT* Krucial - "gg that guy hacks!"

2d. (After losing 16-0 in a match)
winners - "gg #quitlife."
losers - *cry*

3. (scrub420 headshots cplguy333 with p90)
cplguy333 - "gg"
by edews February 21, 2006
gg=good game, often used wen n00bs got pwned in a scbw game 3v3 fastest map
gg nub, u only had 1 gateway and 3 zlots n weve been playing for 15 minutes. omfg ur such a n00b jus quit bw
by lol_n00b February 18, 2006
1. an abbreviation meaning, "good game". usually used first by the losing team to recognize a loss, followed by a "gg" by the winning team.

2. some believe the origin of gg goes before "good game". in cs, g is the key for dropping your weapon. some leet players drop both their weapons, primary and secondary, thus creating the key "gg".
losing team: gg guys.
winning team: gg.
by pwnagemasterfl3x January 24, 2005

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