1) Good Game; used at the end of a match/round in an online game for a show of good sportsmanship
2)Good Game; used during a match as a remark of sarcasm (i.e; the match was over before it even began)
3)Get Good; It's used condescendingly towards players who would be considered bad by the person using 'gg' in such a way.
1) GG guys! Had lots of fun
2)*After a run of loses on one side* Man you guys are way to good, GG no rematch
3)*After one player has repeatedly killed another* gg scrub, hope your mommy buys you some skill for Christmas next year
by PulchraMors December 31, 2014
Good Game. Depending on context, it is either insulting or polite. If GG is uttered after you've been utterly crushed in a game, then it is purely condescending and insulting; otherwise, it should be considered a polite remark.
I can't believe you managed to break through all my tanks, GG!
by Anonymous January 18, 2003
An acronym that stands for "Gotta Go". Used as a popular substitute for G2G (Got to go) because it is easier to type, or some people are too lazy to type the "2". Its main use is in chat rooms or online games to alert others that you will be absent. Often used in conjunction with other terms such as BRB or AFK.
GG, BRB I'll be AFK
(Gotta go, be right back I'll be away from keyboard)
by Samuel Crushington, Ph.D. August 17, 2014
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