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An awesome progressive/arena rock band formed in England during the early 1970s under Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins. When Gabriel finally left at the end of the 70s, Phil Collins soon took over as the band's frontman after countless auditions to find a new lead singer. It was the Phil Collins era in which Genesis experienced its highest popularity and greatest commercial success. The members of Genesis are still together, but their official active career ended during the mid-90s.
With Phil Collins as the lead singer, Genesis was a far greater band than it was during the 1970s. After Peter Gabriel left, future success would prove even better than before, as the band spawned hits including "Abacab", "Turn It On Again", "That's All", "Invisible Touch", "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight", "Jesus He Knows Me", and "No Son of Mine".
by The Midwestrn Soldier March 20, 2005
A progressive rock band of the '70s and '80s.
Genesis was better when Phil Collins replaced Peter Gabriel.
by whoareyou July 08, 2003
A bad counter-strike team.
Genesis will never make CAL-m.
by enk June 12, 2003
A marijuana cigarette rolled with a torn out page of the Bible. Because of the inaccessibility of drug paraphernalia for teenagers and the fact that the texture of the paper is so similar to rolling papers, a Genesis is mostly popular among high school students who are given free pocket editions of the New Testament.
Lets hit a Genesis before my mom gets home from work.
by Heat* April 23, 2007
The first book of the Holy Bible, the word of God. Genesis is a parable, or a poetic example of how God created the world. Not to be taken literally, unless a fundementalist. Like Jesus told parables to illustrate His point, the Book Of Genesis is a poetic example in the same vein. Evolutionist Christians like me, believe that God infact did evolve us from other species, but somewhere along the line humans fell out of God's grace as did Adam and Eve. Thank's to fundementalists, Christianity is now taken largely as a joke, because they push the idea that Genesis is accurate, instead of being a poetic, artistic parable on the creation of the world. Evolution is a fact, and in no way threatens the Bibles truth. Fundamentalist preacher's need examine this.
Preacher- "Genesis is 100% accurate. Evolution is a lie..."

Educated Christian- "That's just not true...praise be to God for showing us the truth in science!"

by HappyGilmore September 12, 2006
A crappy CS team.
Man, 3D sure is a genesis.
by enk June 12, 2003
The first book in the Bible. Contains some truths much to the angst of the angry edgy internet teenage atheists.

The Flood for example, did occur but wasn't a world wide flood and is believed, by some geologists, to be the flood that occurred by the rising Black Sea (also known as the Black Sea deluge hypothesis) whilst others attribute the story of the flood to the rising level of sea water after the Ice Age.

This, along with Hinduism and ancient Babylonian religion mentioning the flood story (with many similarities to the Genesis account) shows that there likely was a flood of some sort that a man and his family survived.
There are some truths in Genesis. Other parts of Genesis are symbolic.

Origen was a third century Christian who worked out that Genesis was metaphorical.

"For who that has understanding will suppose that the first and second and third day existed without a sun and moon and stars and that the first day was, as it were, also without a sky? I do not suppose that anyone doubts that these things figuratively indicate certain mysteries, the history having taken place in appearance and not literally." ~ Origen
by RationalTruth August 28, 2014