Internet Stalker. Someone who ropes chicks in online by lying to them. In reality, he lives with his mom and is fat.
I went all Genesis on Nimi, but she was already taken.
by Sylvanoshi69 August 24, 2010
Band from the 70's and 80's that started sucking when Phil Collins replaced Peter Gabriel as the frontman
Die Phil Collins Die
Saddest girl of them all.
Maybe shes just sad...leave her alone. She's such a Genesis.
by lamegirl October 10, 2013
A progressive rock band of the '70s and '80s.
Genesis was better when Phil Collins replaced Peter Gabriel.
by whoareyou July 08, 2003
A bad counter-strike team.
Genesis will never make CAL-m.
by enk June 12, 2003
A marijuana cigarette rolled with a torn out page of the Bible. Because of the inaccessibility of drug paraphernalia for teenagers and the fact that the texture of the paper is so similar to rolling papers, a Genesis is mostly popular among high school students who are given free pocket editions of the New Testament.
Lets hit a Genesis before my mom gets home from work.
by Heat* April 23, 2007
The first book of the Holy Bible, the word of God. Genesis is a parable, or a poetic example of how God created the world. Not to be taken literally, unless a fundementalist. Like Jesus told parables to illustrate His point, the Book Of Genesis is a poetic example in the same vein. Evolutionist Christians like me, believe that God infact did evolve us from other species, but somewhere along the line humans fell out of God's grace as did Adam and Eve. Thank's to fundementalists, Christianity is now taken largely as a joke, because they push the idea that Genesis is accurate, instead of being a poetic, artistic parable on the creation of the world. Evolution is a fact, and in no way threatens the Bibles truth. Fundamentalist preacher's need examine this.
Preacher- "Genesis is 100% accurate. Evolution is a lie..."

Educated Christian- "That's just not true...praise be to God for showing us the truth in science!"

by HappyGilmore September 12, 2006

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