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G(Grade)A(A like the best grade)b(Bonified)B(Bitch)
Austin is a freaking GAbb, he is scared to ask out this chick.
by THE YIN YANG April 11, 2011
A girl who you would definitely not slay in any case. Similar to the common Trog, except much less attractive in every aspect.
john: dude that girl is such a gabb

Mark: ya man i wouldn't let her touch my penis is any case

John: dude me neither unless she let me put it in her ass
by John Rob September 28, 2009
A person usually a girl who often causes drama cause she is a traitor to her friends. WARNING: This person can be bitchy. She also is a lesbian, so girls watch out cause you may not notice as she covers it up by being a major slut with many guys in back of cars.
Watch out that girl is a Gabb, she tried to pull one on me last night.

Damn, don't be such a Gabb, are you pmsing or something.

Benedict Arnold was a Gabb.
by StrwbrrsOx December 03, 2006
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