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To generically and slangy explain what the "gangster" is doing, wearing, saying, or with.
Yo - what is Andre wearing? Don't sweat it, it’s a "G Thang".

What were you doing with those hoodlums last night? None of your business fool....It was a "G Thang".
by Mr. Crumby January 11, 2006
"gansta" thang, way of life, something a "gansta" does.
"aint nothin but a G THANG baby!"
by sloggy October 01, 2003
A Thang that is involved with da' homies...such as bling bling or big ass.
Look at 'Teischa's G Thang

Dun wurry man, aint nuttin but a g thang.
by Yo Mama's Pork March 26, 2004