Top Definition
to masturbate, jerk off, hug your horn, etc. etc.
Last night i was talking to this hot chick and fwapping the whole time!

I wonder if asexual people enjoy fwapping.
by Mastero'disguise June 14, 2009
When you are wrapping a birthday present and you accidentally cum all over the paper
1) happy birthday joey
2)awh thanks
2)wait what's this white stuff
1)oh I maybe have done a bit of fwapping
by Allah Au Ahkbat September 25, 2015
See fwap.

Also see fapping; which is not quite the same thing.
I'm going home for a spot of fwapping.

Those aliens have been fwapping half the buildings in Washington and it's got to stop!

I spent many a happy hour fwapping Matilda between her thighs.
by Ian Woollard August 15, 2006

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