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Term to describe the accumulation of lint or material fibres that adhere in the crevice of the buttocks. Generally occurs while sleeping naked in a bed with fluffy covers or sheets or wearing jogging pants with no underwear. Generally noticed while showering after sleep or after sport.
"These bed covers have given me a Fuzzy Butt" or "These jogging pants have given me a Fuzzy Butt."
by Stevie Wallace November 15, 2006
Name for a man who shaves his entire body except for his butt.
Whoa, judging by your fuzzy butt, you must be one hairy dude.
by Luv my fuzzy butt January 14, 2016
the name to give an animal when its fur is so long that it covers its butt
The fuzzybutt rolled of the bed this morning. It was adorable.
by captainfuzzybutt August 19, 2009
Fuzzy Butt;a word that orginated from the mouth of my friend Samantha in 2007 . Meaning thank you for your act of kindness.
Samantha: "Hey, can you get me a soda?"
Marissa: "Yeah, sure."
Samantha: "Fuzzy Butt."
by MarissaS. (= June 14, 2008
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