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A man of utter and complete badassness, so badass in fact that the badassery contained within him may in fact rival that of Chuck Norris
B-ROIDS and Chuck Norris walked into bar, that bar exploded the instant the door shut, because no building can contain that much badssness in its walls.
by Broyle5k August 19, 2009
a homosexual activity, one in which gay men take turns fucking eachother in the ass, using no lube, the first on to cum in the others ass wins, the loser must clean the shit off the winners dick by licking it clean
wow look at Grim and Trusdle those guys totally play anal assasin all night i mean look at they way they're walking and they both have shit breath
by Broyle5k March 16, 2008
two gay men taking turns pounding eachothers butt, usually a game,where the winner cums in the others bum
Grim and Trusdle must be playing fuzzy butt darts every night, looks like they're having trouble walking
by Broyle5k March 16, 2008
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