Mastermind and overall cult icon well known in the web-browser-based RPG area (Kings of Chaos and his own game Rise of Tyrants). Does not like the f capitalized. Is a known sex offender.
fury's game is the best, I want to have his babies.

OMG fury humped my leg, I feel speshul now!
by flurffmeister January 25, 2005
The favorite word of Haohmaru from "Samurai Spirits".
Haohmaru: "Damn Fury! I have the fury in my heart. Fury!!"
by Samurai Katsu September 03, 2003
The without doubt best Warcraft3 player in the entire world.
Fear The Fearsome FuRy of the Forest Five!
by Die-Tillerman September 23, 2003
Much loved Creator of Rise Of Tyrants


see also god
all hail our god fury
by Matthew McCay May 10, 2005
wow she just furyd that guy off!
by JSG April 14, 2005
viewed as a god in the eyes of many RoT players
the one and only fury...there will never be another like him
by xilos February 22, 2005
I have fury.
Fink-rat! I have ~!
by vgboy2002 March 17, 2004

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