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The Fury, The Fear

Diarrhea. Specifically the diarrhea brought about from eating a meal containing large amounts of curry. Thus: The Curry Fury.

3 stages of The Curry Fury:

1) The Curry Worry - meal has been consumed, digestion is in process and you start to plan your escape.
2) The Cury Hurry - digestion is in its final stages, you stand, you run, you panic.
3) The Cury Flurry - at last! the evil, combustible waste is expelled at never-before-seen fiery velocity... hopefully into the intended, flushable container
Oh my god. I just ate at Chopstix in Gainesville, Florida. Dude. I've got The Curry Fury.
by Eazy Cheez January 07, 2004
The Curry Fury, also known as the Ring of Fire. This phenomenon usually occurs within 8 hours of consuming a copious amount of hot food., and it is a painful, diarrhea substance that burns the "leather Cheerio" on the way out.
I had Thai food last night, and in the middle of the night, I had the worst Curry Fury.
by Carl Malone January 09, 2004
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