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21 definitions by Butthead

To be exceptionally smug, full of oneself.
after that gummer i had a shit eating grin
by butthead April 29, 2006
A practicing butt pirate
Kenny is the gayest anal crusader ever!!!!
by butthead December 30, 2005
A sexual infection, or sore, growth, etc. on one's penis, or genitals
I woke up after that packer party with a massive whore nugget on my dick.
by butthead April 21, 2006
A lump of shit clinging to the anus, or in the gaunch.
I was so bored I was picking butt nuggetts out of the foreman's tonsils.
by butthead December 17, 2005
An extremely promiscuous homosexual, or one who takes felching to the extreme.
Nathan was a real felch factory at the club last night.
by Butthead February 07, 2005
eat shit and live.. that way you have to taste it.
just another pleasantry for the people you care most about.
Eat shit and live, you vegan waste of space...
by butthead May 13, 2006
A person who travels through a wormhole to alterante but parallel universes.
Quinn Mallory was the orignial slider. he was from San Fransico. He got killed by a rabid moneky with a laser gun.
by Butthead November 01, 2004