The real way "more fun" should be said. More fun is two words and takes longer to say and it defiantly does not fit.
Funner: Yo gym is so much funner then health.
by All words are legit. February 09, 2010
adj., provides a higher level of satisfaction than something else.
Yee, winning is funner than losing!
by mss3963 December 06, 2009
A word that is used to describe something even more fun in comparison. Often annoyingly pointed out that it is not an actual word.
Jeff: Ha! That roller coaster was even funner the second time!
Bob: Funner is not a word.
Jeff: ehh.. your a fag
by VeroZ September 08, 2007
(adv.) the psuedo-word that Sarah thinks is actually in her Webster's print dictionary. She was wrong.
"Twisted Metal 2 is funner than Zelda" ...even though she was wrong about that too.
by Steve TheMan May 06, 2007
Pronnounced fun-nur. An activity that was better than just "fun."
"Going to King's Island was WAY funner that staying home watching Seinfeld reruns!"
by Ellen Moore October 27, 2007
(1.) adjective: To be more enjoyable than something else.
(1.) "We had a funner time at the dance than at the baseball game."
by the specter August 18, 2007
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