A word that absolute fucking dumb cunt use that explains that something or rather is more fun than other things.
Ben : Call of duty is so much "funner" than battle field.

Hayley : funner is not a word you dumb cunt
by Upsidedownkaching69 January 26, 2015
more fun, funner, funniest, funny....

its ike the same damn deffinition of funny dumbshits.
This conversation tonight will be funners than last nights.
by Alex-Caity February 19, 2009
More fun
John thought that Cedar point was way funner than Valley Fair.
by memorizing pi July 11, 2014
To express something, with a word, that is so fun saying "more fun" doesn't give it justice.
Our trip, last Halloween, to Six Flags was way funner then our trip to Dorney Park
by Jed War Ds December 14, 2011
more than fun but less then funnest
Girls are funner than boys.
by FOR SHAYTARDS March 21, 2010
Like fun, but a bit more
It's funner going out than staying in
by funnerisaword! December 14, 2009
a derogatory word describing a person who:
a) thinks they’re smart
b) tries too hard at school or something else usually nerdy
c) tries to impress others and please authority
Ha Stacy tries so hard in math class. What a funner
by A-town October 29, 2012

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