the act of something being "more fun" than something else
"Facebook is 'funner' than myspace
by imsocool November 05, 2006
It is used to compare something where the <blank> in question is more fun than the comparative <blank>
The Rollarcoster is funner than bumper cars
by Dnite February 21, 2003
A word that EXISTS no matter what SHERRY SAYS. It means we are awesome, and can make up words.
Using funner is funner than saying fun. POONTANG!
by brycesherrybrady September 19, 2008
A word used to describe something that is more fun than something else. This is the way you say "more fun" without sounding Lame!
As quoted from Maddox "The Dog".... "Sean is my Funner Dad" or "Disneyland Dads are Funner than Lame Justis Dads"
by shannon111 April 30, 2007
A cooler much smarter way of saying fun, when something is ALOT more fun then fun!!!
Damn... Humping day twill's mom is alot more funner then jeremy's mom
by Webster M.D May 31, 2007
More convenient, better, and just plain more amazing then "more fun"
That was so much funner then last night.
by sam wise October 08, 2007
something that is more fun than something else.
scrabble is funner than monopoly.
by rhodric October 31, 2007
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