A word that is apparently not a word but it should be!!
Walking is so much funner than running!!
by AAnonymus March 15, 2015
More fun.

Sounds better than "More Fun"

And Shay Carl said "funner" so it must be correct
World of Warcraft is Funner than Rift
by Xulq April 16, 2011
being more fun that regular fun, the ultimate good time.
Driving really fast through a deep rain puddle is funner than jumping in one.
by lizard March 26, 2004
It means something is more fun
Minecraft is Funner than call of duty
by Mlpisbestshow May 31, 2015
When "more fun" just doesn't seem right.
I had a funner time than you.
Faster internet is so much funner.
by FuckRules March 06, 2015
Something that is more fun.
My ride is more funner than yours!
by c+k June 22, 2015
more fun than just fun.
what would be funner to do today, eat or sleep?
by surpderpda July 27, 2011
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