More fun.

Sounds better than "More Fun"

And Shay Carl said "funner" so it must be correct
World of Warcraft is Funner than Rift
by Xulq April 16, 2011
More fun
John thought that Cedar point was way funner than Valley Fair.
by memorizing pi July 11, 2014
When fun just won't do, take it to the next level.
Batgirl is fun, but Batfish is funner.
by Elodin June 21, 2012
To express something, with a word, that is so fun saying "more fun" doesn't give it justice.
Our trip, last Halloween, to Six Flags was way funner then our trip to Dorney Park
by Jed War Ds December 14, 2011
Most definitely a word.

When you want to compare to very fun things, but one is better than they other. And you have to say which one
Big roller coasters, are funner than slightly smaller Roller coasters.
by ma1u November 03, 2011
more fun, funner, funniest, funny....

its ike the same damn deffinition of funny dumbshits.
This conversation tonight will be funners than last nights.
by Alex-Caity February 19, 2009
more fun than just fun.
what would be funner to do today, eat or sleep?
by surpderpda July 27, 2011

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